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Musically Speaking I am borrowing Willowtree’s po…
August 22, 2006, 2:00 am
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Musically Speaking

I am borrowing Willowtree’s post idea tonight. I am tired (again) after my first full day of school with students, but I can always find some energy to talk about music.

The best live performance I’ve seen was The Eagles Hell Freezes Over Tour at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock, Arkansas. Really an awesome concert! They opened with “Hotel California” and closed with “Desperado”. In between, they did all of their biggest hits as a group and many of the hits they’ve recorded as single artists. It was crowded and hot, but the music made up for any discomfort. At a close second, is Chicago at Anaheim Stadium in California in the summer of ’76. I was 17 at that concert and I screamed myself hoarse. It was great!!

As far as live performers under the influence of something ……Stevie Nicks with Fleetwood Mac. I don’t know if it was alcohol or some other substance, but I was on the front row and Stevie appeared to be in another world. She stumbled around on stage, messed up on her lyrics and actually walked off the stage during several of the songs. Maybe it was all part of the act. In second place is Doug McClure. Remember him? He played Trampas on the TV series The Virginian. I saw him at the Arkansas State Rodeo when I was a youngster. I can’t remember if he actually sang or just made an appearance or what. I do clearly remember that he fell off his horse as he made his grand entrance riding around the arena. He also fell up the steps to the stage that had been set up in the middle of the arena. Maybe it was supposed to be a comedy act and I was too young to understand.

I also saw Roy Rogers as a youngster. Roy was my dad’s hero and I remember being amazed that I was seeing someone so famous. And his horse, Trigger, which Dad admired almost as much as he did Roy Rogers. I was able to shake Roy’s hand at the end of the program.

I would like to see Aerosmith in concert. I love their music! I would also like to see Bette Midler. She seems to be such a neat lady and is so very talented. She also uses her fame and her wealth to accomplish good things in this world and I admire that. My concert “wish list” also includes any of the really great symphony orchestras…..New York Philharmonic, Chicago Symphony, Los Angeles Philharmonic, London Philharmonic. I have all of them on CD, but hearing a live performance would be a dream come true. And speaking of dreams…..I want to attend an opera at the New York Metropolitan and at the Sydney Opera House. Puccini is my absolute favorite composer and seeing a live performance of Tosca, La Boheme or Turandot at the Met or in Sydney would put me on cloud nine. Given the opportunity, I would attend just about any opera at either of those venues.

Last, but not least, I have to mention Harry Chapin. Great music, great live performance. He “wins” the Artist Who Said The F-word More Times In A Two Hour Period Than I Have Ever Heard In My Life award.


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First off, you’re welcome to any of my ideas, we all do this for fun.

I’ve got Hell Freezes over on VCR and will soon have it on DVD. Hotel California is in the top 5 of my all time favourite songs. I also have Chicago on VCR.

I’d like to see Aerosnith too.

As for an Opera at the Sydney Opera House, you’d be better off going to the Met. While it’s a beautiful looking place it’s renowned for poor accoustics, there’s a reason but its too long for here. I saw Jethro Tull there.

Love Harry Chapin, but unfortunately his daughter didn’t inherit his talent.

Comment by willowtree

Well, I’d like to go to the Sydney Opera House too – just because that would mean I was in Australia!!!!

Comment by Karmyn R

WT, Thanks for the info about the Sydney Opera House. I didn’t know about the poor acoustics.

Comment by SongBird

Oh, love the Hell Freezes Over CD!! Love Hotel California too! Love it so much that I went to Palo Alto and stayed at THE Hotel California. I do not recommend it to anyone. It was HORRIBLE! But I can always say I stayed there. We also stayed at the Heartbreak Hotel in Memphis, and yes it is at the end of Lonely Street. (I just happen to LOVE Elvis!) He’s not dead, he just went home. (know what movie that is from?)

Comment by Julie

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