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Friday Night…….I’m Tired
August 19, 2006, 4:42 am
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Friday Night…….I’m Tired


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Saturday morning…..I’m tired.

AND my butt is dragging.

Comment by Susan in va

That is hilarious! So true too!

Comment by Suzy_q

I just saw your post on my blog – you lived in Roanoke? That’s not too far from me. You probably recognized the Blue Ridge mountains in my picture 🙂

Comment by Susan in va

I think my butt has finally reached the point where it is hitting me in the back of my knees.

It was a long week – I can certainly relate!

Comment by Tiggerlane

It will be worth everything when my little Drama Queen enters your world on Monday. Have a blessed year. I was very touched by the poem that you wrote to your students last year. They were so lucky to have you in thier lives as teenagers. I hope that I do not lose my way this year. In the past my students have been such a blessing and a wonderful part of my world. Rest up tomorrow or Monday evening you will wake up with your dinner plate still in front of you!!!!

Comment by Lizard

I LOVE-CUBED that cartoon. Thanks!

Comment by CPA Mom

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