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Before And After In May I posted this picture of…
August 18, 2006, 3:08 am
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Before And After

In May I posted this picture of my nineteen year old self with an afro. It was the 70’s. The hairstyle was popular. I was trying to be cool. Instead, I somewhat resembled Bozo the Clown. This picture does not do justice to the orange hue of my perm damaged hair. About three months after I got the fro, I decided I hated it (thank goodness!). I was a poor college student so rather than have my hair cut and styled by a professional, I let a friend cut all the perm frizz off. It never occurred to me that my hair, minus perm frizz, would be in layers so when my friend finished cutting my hair looked like brown venetian blinds. I was mortified and began to cry. Luckily, my friend kept her wits about her and decided we could get rid of the venetian blind layers by using a razor blade to create a short, spikey style.

This is my after picture. Needless to say, I have never permed my hair again.

I had forgotten that both these pictures were taken with me posed on the side of a mountain. The before picture was taken in Tennessee and the after picture was taken in Arkansas. And I was a college student, at the time, in Louisiana.


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I’m glad you showed the after pic. I would hate to have my predominant feeling for you to be pity. You look good in the second pic.

Comment by willowtree

Love the second photo…but where is the venetian blind photo?

You are so cute!

Comment by Tiggerlane

I’m reminded of garfunkle!!!!

Just kidding.

ps. my word verification was ybufm… which must have been your hair styile

Comment by Pamela

I think these pictures are very cute!

Comment by Angelina

Nice after photo!!! I’m glad the Afro is no longer the rage – but I get a sense it may be coming back!!

Comment by Karmyn R

Oh I hate to say it, but yes, the ‘fro is coming back and coming back strong. I can’t believe these kids (college kids) are actually getting ‘fros. I just laugh every time I see one of them. I am waiting for them to start wearing the picks in their ‘fros. LOL

Why do you feel the need to do the hair thing when we are young? Or is the real question – why do you document it with photos?

I wouldn’t say you looked like Bozo, clowns are freaky, I would say Ronald McDonald (he’s not really a clown). The second photo is much better. You’re a cutie patootie!

Comment by Julie

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