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The Last Day of Summer VacationToday was the last…
August 15, 2006, 1:46 am
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The Last Day of Summer Vacation

Today was the last day of my summer vacation. I did not spend the day finishing up my summer “to do” list. Instead, I picked some flowers.

I let my cat, Africa, in the house.

I took Cherokee for a walk. ( Jasper went on the walk, too. I just couldn’t get a good shot of them together. )

I played with Jasper.

I visited with my 80 year old neighbor. I talked to my mom and my nieces. I filled my bird waterers with fresh water. I cooked a steak on the grill and ate it with garlic bread and a salad. I spent 30 minutes on the phone with my friend Tiggerlane. And, I won Pioneer Woman’s photo caption contest. Yipee!! I ended summer vacation a winner!! What a perfect day.


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Next time you have a day like that, invite me 🙂

Congrats on the photo contest win!!

Comment by Susan in va

Sounds like a wonderfully relaxing day!
The steak meal sounds great too! ! ! Can you tell I’ve started counting calories?
Dito on the photo contest win!

Comment by Shauna

Hey that was you who won!! I didn’t even notice it was you, I was so miffed at not winning! Just kidding, I knew I had no chance,there were some really good enties, so congratulations.

Sounds like one of those good days.

I’m jealous, despite having had tons of cats over the years, the one thing I’ve always wanted is a black one.

Comment by willowtree

WT–I found Africa crying in front of the public library. She was the tiniest little thing. The librarian said she had been hanging around for two days!! I put her in my book bag and went home with a cat rather than novels. She’s been with me for 10 years.

Comment by SongBird

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