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House Hunting When I moved back …
August 9, 2006, 5:22 am
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House Hunting

When I moved back to Arkansas sixteen years ago, I knew I would buy a house. I had a list of exactly what I wanted: 1. a house in the country with enough land to support a horse 2. a big kitchen with either an island or a counter where friends could sit and talk while I cooked 3. loads of closet space 4. two bedrooms and two baths 5. a large porch.

After two weeks of camping out in my parents’ house, I was ready to start shopping. I contacted an agent, described what I was looking for, gave her my price range and set up a day of house hunting.

The first house the agent took me to was in a neighborhood within the city limits. The property featured a large, chain link fenced backyard that might have supported a horse for a day or two. Medium-sized kitchen, no island, no counter, lots of closet space, three bedrooms, two baths, no porch. Next house.

Smaller, older, still within the city limits, large front yard, small backyard, no fences, two bedrooms, one bath, small kitchen, no island, no counter, few closets, small porch. Next house.

On the fringe of the city limits, definitely a larger lot with lots of pine trees, but not enough land to support a horse or a goat, for that matter. At this point I mentioned to the agent that I really wanted a house in a more rural setting…..like with a pasture….with grass….for a horse……Next house.

Ok, this house was in the country. It was actually a trailer with a lean-to attachment in an overgrown pasture minus fences. I didn’t even check out the interior. Not that I have anything against trailers…..it just wasn’t what I wanted, ya know? Next house.

This house was fantastic. I could tell at first glance that it was way out of my price range. Several acres of land, four bedrooms, nice kitchen, small porch….I didn’t really check out the closet space. I couldn’t afford the house. I knew it and the agent knew it, too. End of day one of house hunting.

I was so disappointed and discouraged by my first experience with a realtor. Fourteen years of living in apartments didn’t prepare me for the reality of finding a house that meshed with what I really wanted. My parents took me out to dinner in an effort to pick up my spirits. As we were waiting to be seated, I studied a little bulletin board in the entryway of the restaurant. There it was!! A picture of a house with the words “For Sale” underneath it. A little house surrounded by trees with a huge screened porch all across the front and a wooden fence on 4.5 acres of land. “Mom, Dad, look at this house!” “I know that house,” Mom replied, “I just can’t remember where it is exactly.”

The next day we drove around in my parents’ country “neighborhood” and we found the house. My parents even knew who lived in it so we called and the owners invited us over to look at it. We drove across a cattle guard down a meandering drive to the little cabin-like house surrounded by trees and a wooden fence. I was sold. The huge, huge screened porch was the clincher. I didn’t even need to see the interior. I wanted this house. So…..I bought it. Small kitchen, no island, no counter, two closets, one bathroom, two small bedrooms…..I love it!!


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Yaaay! Darn, you could have bought OUR house that we just listed! 😉

Glad you found your dream-spot, though, and if I can interest you in a free, but TOTALLY green (and incredibly beautiful) young horse or two, let me know. Because our new place? NOT SO MUCH ON THE GRASS. Ugh.

And I’m thrilled to have found another Arkansas blogger, and am bookmarking you for my upcoming blogroll overhaul.

Comment by Belinda

Your house is looking grand in these photos! Were these taken recently?? And where are the flowers? I assume maybe this WAS taken recently – since the extreme heat has killed all the flora…

Comment by Tiggerlane

Congrats Songbird!! It’s amazing when you find the house! May not be everything you started out looking for but you know it’s home when you are totally comfy with it! ! !

Comment by Shauna

YEAH!!! So glad you found a house. It seems hard to find exactly what you are looking for. So far each time we have bought a house I have settled for one thing or another. This time we are building and plan on having just what we want. I am so excited!!!

Love the house!

Comment by Julie

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