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An Adventure With Rudy He was abandoned in a larg…
August 1, 2006, 1:17 am
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An Adventure With Rudy

He was abandoned in a large cardboard box on the parking lot of a Food 4 Less in North Little Rock, Arkansas. I found him. He was a skinny orange kitten who had cried so long that his voice was just a croak. I thought I was hearing some kind of bird.

The first night in my apartment he slept in my bed curled at the top of my head. He was the friendliest, most lovey dovey cat I have ever met. I named him Rudolph after Rudolph Valentino.

Later that year, Rudolph and I moved to Virginia Beach, Virginia. Rudolph was a unique cat in that he loved to travel. He stood on his hind legs and looked out the passenger side window. Sometimes he rode in the rear window. He loved to ride in the car. He also behaved quite well on a leash. Another oddity, I thought, for a cat. I actually took him walking on the beach. The beach was okay, but he really liked walking on our apartment complex grounds and in the park.

Now the adventure.

It was our second year in Virginia Beach and time to purchase our Christmas tree. It was a beautiful cold day and Rudolph wanted to go outside so I decided he could go with me to buy the tree then we could go for a walk. I drove to the tree lot in my little hatchback with Rudolph watching the scenery out the passenger side window. When I opened my door to get out, Rudolph hopped out. I absolutely know he had his escape planned because he moved so fast I couldn’t even grab the end of his leash. He took off for the rows of evergreens displayed in the lot. I immediately panicked.

The lot was on a busy corner and I had visions of Rudolph being flattened on one of the busy streets. I began walking in a crouch searching among the trees and calling, “Rudolph! Rudolph!” I was so worried and concerned for my cat that I didn’t really pay much attention to the other shoppers. I was focused. “Rudolph, Rudolph, come here!” I peered through branches, looked under trees, scurried through the “aisles” constantly calling Rudolph. Gradually, I became aware that people were moving out of my way. Fast. They were whispering behind their hands. Some people were laughing. Their behavior registered in my mind, but I was still focused on finding Rudolph. Finally, I captured the frisky feline and took him back to the car. I gave him a firm talking to, locked the doors and returned to the urban forest to select a tree.

As I was driving home, it hit me. The people in the tree lot must have thought I was a mental patient searching for Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer. No wonder the attendant was so jolly and helpful. He probably thought he was dealing with a young woman who had a couple of screws loose. After all, what better place, in a twisted sort of way, to search for Rudolph than a Christmas tree lot.

That day Rudolph became Rudy. He adjusted. He was also grounded from riding in the car until our Easter vacation home to Arkansas.

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OMG! ! ! That is such a cute story! ! We had a cat, Oohbooh that loved to ride in the car. He would sit between the seats with the vents blowing on him like he was the king of the car!

Comment by Shauna

Awww!! How funny! I think I would have been one of the people slowly backing away from the crazy lady looking for Rudolph! Too. Funny.

Mordecai loves riding in the car. He also stands with his paws on the door looking out the window. Then he finds a place to get comfy. I haven’t tried a leash on him though. I really don’t think he would go for that.

Comment by Julie

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