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Blog Day 2006 I don’t anticipate having time to p…
August 31, 2006, 2:29 am
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Blog Day 2006

I don’t anticipate having time to post tomorrow so I am doing my Blog Day thing a bit early. Thanks to Karmyn at Dreaming What Ifs for sharing the Blog Day information.

The official Blog Day 2006 link: Blog Day 2006

Five blogs that I read pretty much every day and have been too lazy to add to my sidebar:

Go Fug Yourself I love this site! Just looking at the pictures makes me feel better about how I dress and about my own sense of style. A thin body and big bucks does not necessarily mean you always look fabulous.

Sometimes A Girl Needs A Blog ElleCharlie is extremely articulate and insightful. Some of her posts make me laugh and some make me cry. I thoroughly enjoy reading what she has to say.

The Big Question Sublime posts a new question every week day and asks for honest answers. Fun to read all the different opinions, likes and dislikes.

Ninja Poodles Belinda is a fellow Arkansan who writes about family issues, child rearing, coupon clipping, current events and a host of other topics. Always a good read.

The Dust Will Wait Pamela is another articulate and insightful writer. She posts lovely pictures and has an awesome water garden in her backyard. A must read!

I have several other blogs on my daily read list, but I am going to stop at five tonight. Someday I will get all my favorites listed in my sidebar. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy checking out the five that I listed.


Spaced Out I mentioned this in a comment on Dream…
August 30, 2006, 3:34 am
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Spaced Out

I mentioned this in a comment on Dreaming What Ifs, but it is so cute that I want to use it as a post tonight.

I teach third, fourth and fifth grade general music in addition to high school, middle school and elementary choir. I have seven fourth and fifth grade music classes and eight third grade music classes. Once per school year each grade level performs a musical for the rest of the student body and the general public. The third graders have the great honor and responsiblity of putting on the first musical of the year.

Wouldn’t you know that I chose “Spaced Out”, a musical about the planets, for the third graders to perform this year. It is a very cute show and each planet plus the sun and moon have speaking parts. There is also a song in which each planet does a little rap verse. “For what it’s worth (snap, snap), I’m the Earth (snap, snap)!” Catchy, huh? “Pluto’s the smallest, Pluto’s the smallest, Pluto’s the smallest, number nine!” Love that third grade music….

The recent decision to oust Pluto from its planet status has totally upset my third graders. We have had to discuss this horrible event in each of my third grade classes. Their comments and views have been a joy to hear. Yesterday we were reading through the speaking parts and a little hand went up.

Yes, B.,” I acknowledged the hand waver. “What would you like to share?”
Ms. T.,” the sorrowful little voice stated. “This may be Pluto’s last speaking part.

True Grit Remember the movie "True Grit"? For t…
August 29, 2006, 2:30 am
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True Grit

Remember the movie “True Grit”? For those of you who may not remember, the movie was released in 1969 and featured John Wayne, Kim Darby, Glenn Campbell, Robert Duvall and a host of other actors including Dennis Hopper. The movie was based on a novel by Arkansas author, Charles Portis. The story, in brief, follows young Mattie Ross ( Kim Darby ) in her quest to avenge her father’s murder. Her father was murdered by a hired hand/outlaw, Tom Chaney, and Mattie seeks out the meanest US Marshal in the Oklahoma Territory, Rooster Cogburn (John Wayne), to hunt down the murderer. Mattie and Rooster are joined on their quest by Texas Ranger, LaBoeuf (Glenn Campbell). The movie is packed with no good outlaws, lots of action including shoot outs and a tumble into a rattle snake pit, plus some really beautiful scenery. The entire adventure takes place in Arkansas and the Oklahoma Territory yet most of the actual filming took place in Colorado.

Ok, enough background…..I saw “True Grit” and I loved it. Mattie Ross was my hero and I thought Glenn Campbell was just too cute. Tom Chaney was evil incarnate. I used to saddle up my horse, Champ, and ride around our farm pretending I was Mattie Ross riding off to bring Tom Chaney to justice.

At the time I was deeply involved in my “True Grit” dreamworld, my dad had a horned Hereford bull that we named Tom Chaney. Tom Chaney, like his namesake in the movie, had a nasty temper.

(This isn’t actually Tom Chaney in the picture, but he looked a lot like this bull except the real Tom Chaney was nearer the size of Paul Bunyan’s ox.)

So, one day I had finished my “True Grit” fantasy. I had unsaddled Champ, brushed him down and was meandering the long way around through the pasture toward the house and the homework that awaited me. Suddenly, I became aware of some heavy breathing, snorting sounds and through a little stand of trees I could see Tom Chaney. He was staring right at me and sort of tossing his head around. Did I mention that Tom had horns? Fantasy took a sudden dive and reality put wings on my feet. I began to run. Now I have been known to tell a tall tale or two, but I swear I could feel that bull’s hot breath on my heels and his pounding hooves made the earth quake as I ran toward the nearest fence I could see. I was flying. I have never run faster in my life. The fence loomed ahead of me. I gathered all my 12 year old strength and flung myself into the air. My legs didn’t clear the top strand of barbed wire, but I managed to land on the far side of the fence in a heap on the ground. The important thing was…I had escaped. I was safe. I picked myself up and turned around fully expecting to see Tom Chaney roaring to a halt as he reached the fence behind me. He was quietly grazing near the little stand of trees.

Very Young Songbird This is my new profile pic…
August 28, 2006, 1:24 am
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Very Young Songbird

This is my new profile picture. For those of you who are wondering and even for those who could care less, this is my Grandma T. holding me when I was only a few weeks old. Yes, I was a big baby girl. Notice that my mouth is wide open. The perfect mouth shape for proper singing. I would like to say that I was a child prodigy and that the photographer caught me singing a Mozart aria for my granny, but I am pretty sure I was just doing a big baby yawn. Anyway…..wide open mouth…..singing…..Songbird…..profile picture.

Funny Friday And An Interesting Job Interview I…
August 26, 2006, 3:46 am
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Funny Friday

And An Interesting Job Interview

In my preCandyland employment days, I worked in management for a large retail jewelry corporation. I didn’t like the job and decided to seek other employment. I read a magazine article about a certain government agency that was actively recruiting female applicants. The thought of working for this agency appealed to my sense of adventure. I also thought the job would be quite glamorous. (In hindsight, I blame my total lack of perspective as far as what the job would entail on watching too many James Bond movies.) I sent a resume with cover letter to the address given in the magazine article. Several weeks later, I received a letter from the agency. I was told to report to a location in northern Virginia for an interview. The letter stated the date and time of the interview, parking instructions and strict admonitions concerning the secrecy of the interview. I was to tell no one where I was going or what I was doing. I followed all the instructions to the letter….well, almost all of the instructions. I simply had to tell my closest friend where I was going and why. The day of the interview arrived. I got up early, dressed in a very appropriate dark blue suit and drove to the interview location. I was greeted by a man (in a dark blue suit) and given a small mountain of paperwork to fill out. An hour later, I was ushered into a cubicle where I answered questions like, “Is there any event or circumstance in your past that a foreign government could use to influence your loyalty to your country?” After approximately 30 minutes of answering what seemed like three questions asked in fifty different ways, I took an IQ test. Then the interview was over. I drove home envisioning a room full of men in dark blue suits wondering how such a naive and idealistic country girl could possibly think she was fit to work for their organization. Imagine my surprise when several weeks later I received another letter with instructions for taking the first in a series of tests required for employment. I took the first test and was scheduled to take another one. In the meantime, headlines and news reports were suddenly focused on this certain government agency. Employees had been killed in suspicious circumstances in a foreign country. This was the “wake up call” that I needed. My sense of adventure and visions of glamor were bludgeoned by the stark face of reality. I submitted my letter of resignation before I was hired.

A Tale of Two Princesses Granny and Granpa W. liv…
August 25, 2006, 12:57 am
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A Tale of Two Princesses

Granny and Granpa W. lived in a big white farm house. In the early 60’s, the house had plumbing in the kitchen, but no indoor bathroom. Granny and Granpa had an oval, galvanized tin bathtub that they kept on the backporch.

Both grandparents were avid gardeners and the house was surrounded by flowers and shrubs. Granny had a very large flower bed in the front of the house. In the spring, the bed was a kaleidoscope of colorful tulips in all shapes and sizes.

One spring in the early 60’s, my cousins were visiting with Granny and Granpa W. G was my “best friend” cousin ( and she still is….love you, G!!) because we were close to the same age and we liked so many of the same things. I also greatly admired G because she had lived in England which was quite impressive to a little girl from Arkansas.

Once upon a time there came a lovely spring day. A gentle, warm breeze whispered through the trees. Bees were buzzing and the flowers were bursting forth in bloom. I was at Granny and Granpa’s house playing with G. G and I were feeling quite royal in such a glorious setting so we decided to pretend we were princesses. We designated Granny’s backporch as our royal chambers and proceeded to issue orders to G’s pesky little brother, BJ, whom we graciously allowed to play with us as long as he understood that he was our servant. I don’t remember whose idea it was to take a royal bath in Granny’s tin bathtub, but that is what we decided to do. Rather than use water to bathe in like mere commoners, we chose to immerse ourselves in flower petals. Granny’s tulip bed provided the most luxurious flowers around so we commanded BJ to bring us petals from that divine source. BJ’s sturdy little legs made trip after trip around the house while G and I reclined in opposite ends of the tub. He tossed hundreds of tulip petals on our bare legs. What richness!! What luxury!! We giggled and whispered as little princesses do and tossed handfuls of petals up in the air so that they fell in our hair and made small puddles on the floor of the porch. Eventually, Granny’s tulips were stripped bare.

As so often occurs, calamity struck our kingdom. A raging dragon in the form of our Granny invaded the backporch. I will swear to this day that she was breathing fire and smoke billowed around her head. A switch was swinging madly from Granny’s hand. The two princesses were none to gently removed from their bath and the switch was applied to their royal backsides. BJ was spared from the plague of punishment because we ordered him to bring us the petals and “we should have known better”. In abject misery, G and I were herded around the house to view the destruction of Granny’s tulip bed. It was a very sad sight. Tulip stems minus petals simply do not please the eye. Switched backsides were bad enough, but disappointing our Granny was even worse. Our kingdom fell into disarray. We tearfully abdicated our throne.

The End

Summer at My Way A collection of antique wateri…
August 24, 2006, 2:58 am
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Summer at My Way


A collection of antique watering cans on the front porch.

Bee balm in the herb garden.

Purple coneflower in the herb garden.