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The Dance She ran through the wet grass …
July 23, 2006, 5:34 am
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The Dance

She ran through the wet grass
to the sound of
a disco beat
the drum pulse pulled her
heart strings and
she began to dance.

copyright 1977

I actually wrote this poem as a senior in high school. I entered it in a collegiate level poetry competition my freshman year in college and won. It was published in an anthology along with other first place entries from across the United States.


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Have you continued to write poetry? This one feels very free and innocent.

Comment by Angelina

Yes, I have continued to write. I post them frequently on my blog. I have a side bar called Poetry My Way.

Comment by SongBird

I’ll have to spend some more time here and read what you’ve written. Have you been writing poetry even before you won that contest, or was that something that proved to be a catalyst for your writing?

Comment by Angelina

I can’t remember why I began to write poetry, but I have always loved to write. Mom has stories and poems I wrote when I was very young. I suppose I have always had something to say!

Comment by SongBird

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