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Petrified Croutons?I was reading the back of a pac…
June 11, 2006, 12:22 am
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Petrified Croutons?

I was reading the back of a package of croutons that I purchased a day or so ago…..I’m on summer vacation……I have lots of extra time to do things like read the back of a package of croutons…..Near the bottom of the package was printed: Best used by: 11176

“Far out!” I thought being the Senior of ’76 that I am, “These croutons are over 30 years old!”

“No, that can’t be right.” More internal dialogue. “The expiration date must be 11-17-06.”

Still……it really bothered me that a zero wasn’t in front of the 6. I opened the croutons. They looked…..well, they looked like croutons. They smelled fine and they weren’t green or black or whatever color 30 year old croutons might be.

Still……I decided to see if I could smash one with a knife handle before I sprinkled them on a salad. My teeth are way over 30 years old and I didn’t want to risk cracking one on a possibly petrified crouton.

After pulverizing the crouton, I sprinkled some on my salad and ate lunch. The salad and the croutons were quite tasty.

Still…….don’t you think there should have been a zero in front of the 6?


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Umm. Yes! That would freak me out too!

Comment by Julie

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