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I recently discovered that several of my gardeni…
April 8, 2006, 4:09 am
Filed under: Nature

I recently discovered that several of my gardening friends were unfamiliar with nasturtiums. The nasturtium is a flowering herb and is very easy to grow. The seeds are rather large and have hard shells so it is best to soak them in some water overnight before planting. The soaking helps the seeds to sprout faster. The plants grow rapidly and produce yellow, orange, red and creamy-white flowers. Nasturtiums do well in full sun, but they do not like extreme heat. They bloom best in poor to average soil. If the soil is too rich, the leaves will be beautiful, but there won’t be as many flowers. The flowers and leaves are fully edible and are high in Vitamin C content. They have a peppery flavor that enhances salads and sandwiches. Nasturtiums are an excellent container plant. They also do well in hanging baskets. They add vibrant color to any spot you put them in!


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